Q. How old do I have to be to be pierced?
You need to be 16 with photographic I.D or you need to be accompanied by your parent if under this age.
Age restrictions (taken from NHS website): There is no legal age restriction on most body piercings, however performing genital or nipple piercing on someone under the age of 16 could be considered an offence.
Please see link below to NHS website:

Q. Do I need an appointment?
We recommend making an appointment to avoid disappointment during busy periods. However, we try to offer a walk in service as often as we can.

Q. How long does a piercing take to heal?
This depends on not only the piercing, but also the person. On average 6-8 weeks is advised, but general health, wellbeing and aftercare are all important factors.

Q. Does it hurt?
Healing times (Taken from the NHS website):
Healing times for the most common body piercings are as follows:
earlobe – six weeks
top of the ear – at least three to four months
belly button – up to a year
tongue – one to two months
nose – two to three monthsMost people will experience a certain amount of discomfort when being pierced. To keep this minimal, anaesthetic is used and our experienced piercers keep the duration of the piercing kept to a minimum.

Q. Can I use my own jewellery?
Unfortunately no, as per EU regulations we only pierce with pre-sterilised titanium jewellery which has no nickel content.

Q. Will my piercing reject?
Any piercing can migrate over time, you have to remember that your skin is a living organism and a piercing is a foreign object, everyone is different and your body may not accept it.

Q. My piercing is red and sore. Is it infected?
Probably not, it is normal for your piercing to secrete fluid, develop dry residue or become reddened around the entrance and exit of the piercing. Your piercing will take time to heal. However, if you are concerned, please call in and we can give further advice.