Below are some of the reviews posted on our facebook page by happy customers.

Six weeks ago had my ears re pierced. Had them done originally around 36 years ago, but the last few years every single time I put earrings in , no matter what metal they are, my ears burn and I come out in boil like spots on my neck. So I’ve stopped wearing them . Went in here on the off chance for some advice and to see what they thought about my having them re done. Brilliant thorough questioning and advice. Haven’t had any issues at all and here I am 6 weeks later with a new pair of earrings in and no pain or boils! Thanks loads! Would definitely recommend Xx

Had a monroe piecing n tongue done yesterday by Andy I would just like to say I was very nervous he talked me through every step he was very calming n was absolutely lovely very helpful with aftercare definitely recommend him to anyone wanting a piercing
Nothing like most piercers get it done n leave ya be his aftercare to message wenever or pop in is also very professional
One happy customer

I had my diath pierced yesterday to help reduce my migraines. Andy was a lovely bloke very friendly and helpful and was very patient with me. I had to have it pierced free hand as my ears are to small for the gun fit in but Andy explained this to me and took his time I was very pleased with the service and would recommend to anyone to go there

Been today to have 2 dermal piercings in my butterfly tattoo at the top of my back. I would definitely recommend Andy he made me feel so relaxed and gave me a lot of advice before he did it and after on how to look after them. I’m so pleased with them

I haven’t been to natural beauty for a piercing since I was about 15 as they had quite a reputation for not being so professional back then and quite inexperienced. However yesterday I went to get my lip repierced at the bottom as I desperately wanted it done after work and hedonism were closed, not only did Natural Beauty stay open for me when they close at half 5 but I explained to the piercer that Hedonism pierced it unevenly and with me having my medusa pierced it was a big deal for it to be even, he spent about 20 minutes marking it up so I was happy and used the same size attachment as my medusa, he was so lovely it made my whole experience so nice, I will definitely think about going there for a new piercing next time

Had a daith piercing in March and no migraines since. Andy changed the jewellery for me today. Excellent service,completely pain free both in March and today. Would highly recommend daith piercing for migraines and definitely recommend Stoke Body Piercing as the place to go to. Thank you

I had my daith pierced for migraines a few weeks ago. Before I was taking tablets and found that the piercing actually works more efficiently than the tablets ever did. I have reduced the number of tablets I’m taking and that hasn’t affected me but without the piercing it would’ve.
If migraines are a big problem I recommend getting the daith pierced as it will be the best £17 you spend!

I had my daith pierced last week chose not to write a review straight away because headaches/migraines are not always there immediately so giving it time I’m now writing my review. I was treated fine with an explanation of what’s going happen etc and the after care it would need can’t say it really hurt but it did a little. For me I can’t say it’s worked but I’m left with a cute little piercing if it’s worked for others that’s great 🙂 but I will give an honest review ( not saying others are not honest ) I can’t fault the staff or the gentlemen that did it me all were professional and clean should I ever want another piercing I would go back x

Literally 100% recommend, had my belly done & I’m very nervous around needles. Was very reassured & calmed. Staff couldn’t have been better, friendly & great to talk to. Lots of piercing advice & aftercare given.
Won’t go anywhere else for piercings now

I went to have the daith piercing today with Andy and I was really nervous I suffer with cluster migraines and thought I would give this a try but being stupid I watched it on you tube which wasn’t pleasant at all . But after talking to Andy and him putting my mind at ease I decided to have it done and I’m so glad I did so thanks Andy hopefully this will help my migraines

Had a daith piercing done on the 29th April this year. Completely changed my life, no headaches, migraines or the fuzzy head feeling anymore. Andy was so fantastic doing the piercing as i had not had anything pierced since I was 8.
The downside to mention is it does take a long time to heal, but you just need to persevere with it.
One delighted lady, thanks Andy xx

Had a number of piercings done by Andy and keep going back, really nice man, he put me at ease, all equipment is sterile, Andy is discreet and professional but will chat away and have giggle with you, he explained what and how he was going to do, made sure I was happy, I recently had the industrial piercing done and will be going back for the daith piercing soon